About Our Stunning Natural Tables
Here at Jewel Crystals Ltd. we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality Natural Tables. We have so many gorgeous masterpieces it’s sometimes difficult to part with them as we want to keep them all!

We’ve been selling tables and many other items for a number of years now. When we send these items out to customers, we have a unique way of packaging these special items with love and care. These are dispatched via external courier companies to ensure you’re delivery reaches you quickly and securely. We have a whole host of lovely 5 star reviews via Trustpilot should you wish to read them (here) click on the link it will take you to see and read them.

Amethyst tables with unique specifically manufactured glass tops are exquisite pieces of functional art. These tables showcase the mesmerizing beauty of amethyst crystals in combination with expert craftsmanship. The glass tops are custom-made to follow the natural contour of the amethyst table, accentuating its unique shape and highlighting the intricate patterns and colors of the crystals. The result is a stunning and one-of-a-kind piece that brings the elegance and energy of amethyst into your living space.

Amethyst tables with metal bases offer a contemporary twist to the timeless beauty of amethyst. The combination of the rich purple hues of amethyst and the sleekness of a metal base creates a striking visual contrast. The metal base provides a sturdy foundation while adding a modern touch to the table's overall design. This combination of elements results in a captivating statement piece that seamlessly blends sophistication and natural allure.

Agate tables with metal bases showcase the raw and organic beauty of agate stones. Agate is known for its fascinating patterns and colours, making each table a unique work of art. The metal base complements the natural beauty of agate, providing stability and a touch of modernity. The contrasting textures and colours create a captivating focal point, making agate tables with metal bases a stunning addition to any interior design.

Citrine tables exude warmth and radiance with their golden hues. Citrine is often associated with abundance, joy, and positive energy. A citrine table brings a sunny and uplifting atmosphere to any space. Whether it's a table with a glass or metal base, the vibrant citrine crystals create a captivating centrepiece that illuminates the room with their cheerful and invigorating energy.

Whether you choose an amethyst table with a unique glass top, an amethyst or agate table with a metal base, or a citrine table, these pieces bring a touch of luxury, natural beauty, and positive energy to your living space. Each table is a testament to the beauty of nature and the craftsmanship of skilled artisans, resulting in functional art pieces that effortlessly elevate your home decor.

We import directly with our Brazilian Quarry and have new stock deliveries around every 3 months. The geodes we have available can suit everyone’s budget.

If you’re looking to purchase for a gift for a special occasion or a unique piece for the heart for your own home or workspace we’re happy to help.

Each piece is truly unique and your opportunity to own something very special. We are based in the countryside in County Durham around 6 miles from Durham City.

We welcome any visitors should you wish to visit us and choose your special piece to take away with you.