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About Our Reed Diffusers
Here at Jewel Crystals Ltd. we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality Natural Rock Tables. We have so many gorgeous masterpieces it’s sometimes difficult to part with them as we want to keep them all!

We’ve been selling Geodes and many other items for a number of years now. When we send these items out to customers, we have a unique way of packaging these special items with love and care. These are dispatched via external courier companies to ensure you’re delivery reaches you quickly and securely. We have a whole host of lovely 5 star reviews via Trustpilot should you wish to read them (here) click on the link it will take you to see and read them.

The purple colour is the finest unique premium deep gorgeous Amethyst that you will ever see in your entire life. This is accentuated in a free standing upright position. This truly optimises the power and elegance of this unique Premium Queen Grade Amazonian Amethyst stone extracted by hand tools from a river bed of the amazon jungle.

Amethyst is the purple variety of Quartz. The purple colouration is due to ferrous iron impurities. Premium Queen Grade Amazonian Amethyst is a unique grade highly precious and very unusual that distinguishes itself from ALL other grade types of Amethyst thus arousing all emotions. It’s spectacular and creates a Total Wow Factor in any environment. Truly Amazing!

Premium Queen Grade Amazonian Amethyst oozes with class and sophistication. The individual diamond stones comprising of this total piece are huge thus completely bouncing and reflecting the light around your room. This results in total euphoria and positive energy. This is definitely a centre piece and focal point with family and friends.

We also have an amazing range of Citrine Geodes, all shapes and sizes. A magnificent and stunning additional to any space its placed in.

Citrine Quartz Crystals are often called lemon quartz, French inspired from the word Citron, meaning Lemon. This Natural Citrine Quartz is very rare and boasts a transparent golden yellow, orange honey mixture of stunning colours accentuated when the light reflects off the large crystals creating and abundance of complete sparkle and excitement. It carriers the energy of the sun, a true magnifier of imagination and a creator of fresh beginnings stimulating the chakras like that of a prophecy of a new dawn.

These precious Citrine Quartz Crystal Geodes hold nothing but positive universal connections to that of our spirit world that surrounds us thus transforming and fulfilling your inner most desires and dreams. A true protector of wisdom serving as your guardian angel transforming any negative energy into positivity. Its strengthens inner light and sparks imagination and creativity, ideal for artists of all kinds. Great for interpersonal relationships both friends and family to arouse stability and forward positive emotions attracting nothing more but love and happiness and an attractive shield against spite and jealousy.

These citrine pieces are a truly spiritual authentic and powerful contributor to success encompassing harmony and balance within your life. Only those who can afford such master pieces will possess such magical objects.

We have many different Cathedral Geodes, all types, heights, shapes and sizes in stock in large volumes. We tend to categorise by height, we have 3 sections for you to look at that we call Huge (76cm and taller), Tall (45cm to 75cm), or Standard (44cm & below), for your ease you can choose through our menu on our website.

We import directly with our Brazilian Quarry and have new stock deliveries around every 3 months. The geodes we have available can suit everyone’s budget.

If you’re looking to purchase for a gift for a special occasion or a unique piece for the heart for your own home or workspace we’re happy to help.

Each piece is truly unique and your opportunity to own something very special. We are based in the countryside in County Durham around 6 miles from Durham City.

We welcome any visitors should you wish to visit us and choose your special piece to take away with you.