Jewel Crystals Limited offer you a rare insight into the magnificent wonders of natural semi-precious stone which are located in the earth that lies beneath our feet on a global basis. Our traditional family core values and ethos is expressed and brought to you through the eyes of such miraculous energising and spiritual delights in a range of inspiring and brilliant earth’s natural wonders of semi-precious stone. Dating back to the ancient world in the 4th Century BC the Greeks illustrated passion for such delights that the modern world embraced and shared with sweet love and harmony characterised in positive traditional core family values.


Any gemstones that are not a diamond, ruby, emerald or a sapphire is a semi-precious gemstone. Planet earth is constantly evolving and reshaping itself by geographical forces, specifically volcanoes, oceans and atmosphere. Such minerals form under the earth’s surface in the earth’s crust, the top layer of the earth, with a depth of 3 to 25 miles. When minerals react with water that is near the earth’s surface then dissolve, this solution evaporates or cools and such stones are formed. Water that mixes with silica rich rocks such as sandstone will produce gemstones such as Amethyst a vibrant violet purple colour projecting a magnitude of mixed positive energies.


We have a very large selection of Amethyst & Citrine Cathedral Geodes in the County Durham in the North East of England. Our stock ranges from small table top type geodes around 4kg or up to large tall geodes up to 100 kg plus. We also have mini geodes that are cut base druzy pieces, so there is a range to suit everyone’s affordability. We only sell Premium Grade of Amethyst which means you’ll only get the very best quality, why settle for anything less?


There are many sizes available which means many prices to suit everyone’s budget. Our prices are very competitive as we are a direct importer selling to the public!


We dispatch and distribute around the UK in both parcels and pallets on a daily basis to save you unnecessary travel, buy from the comfort of your home. All of our products have stunning photos and videos to allow you to truly see and appreciate exactly what the item looks like.


We have many different types of amethyst including: Amethyst and Citrine Geodes, Amethyst Angel – Butterfly Wings, Amethyst Tables with specially made to measure customised glass tops, agate & quartz coasters, various different candle holders, crystals, crystal points and much more. If any items on our website say out of stock, they are sold but usually means we have more on the way to replace these, please just send us a message to enquire if you have something specific in mind. 


So if you are looking for interior design Crystals, Hotel and Spa pieces or special statement crystals for the home, office, studio or workplace we have it all.