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Jewel Crystals Ltd.

Jewel Crystals Ltd. is a family owned UK Business specialising in Semi-Precious Stones from all over the world. We are an enthusiastic Trade Distributor offering a more affordable solution to you our customer the ability to acquire such rare semi-precious stones direct from the actual mine stocked here in the UK.  We only deal with […]

The Benefits of Amethyst

The amethyst stone produces a magnetic field that provides positive results to all living beings, and it works to calm and counteract negative energies. Amethyst Benefits Promotes the work of the crown chakra to enhance communication with higher intelligence.  Counteracts negative energies in the environment and electromagnetic pollution Stimulates the third eye chakra, boosting intuition […]

Amethyst Crystal Stone

Amethyst Stone is the holder and key to the forces of mind set that brings our attention to the stars. Visualise yourself floating on molten magma beneath a volcano being catapulted out through the eye of the volcano with forces beyond comprehension that defies gravity travelling at a velocity greater than WARP speed. These energies […]

Unique Stunning Amethyst Geodes

In Greece, the word “Geode” means “shape of the earth.” They can be round or egg-shaped, tall, short or many other different types of shapes and sizes, they range in size from less than a couple of centimetres to over three meters tall.  Amethyst Geodes are hollow rocks that are lined on the inside with stunning amethyst […]