Amethyst Crystal Stone

Amethyst Stone is the holder and key to the forces of mind set that brings our attention to the stars. Visualise yourself floating on molten magma beneath a volcano being catapulted out through the eye of the volcano with forces beyond comprehension that defies gravity travelling at a velocity greater than WARP speed. These energies brought to you by Amethyst are felt through your veins to your heart thus stimulating total body euphoria in a spiritual sense. 

The richest and finest premium aluminium and iron impurities blends together a true hypo photogenic visual deliverance of our sought after and rare Premium Amethyst. This hypnotising Amethyst colour is an intense and exciting miracle explosive to all your five senses: Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Let this amethyst stone remind us of our true energies and self-understanding within the cosmos and let it awaken your six sense, an extrasensory perception (ESP) beyond our five commonly recognised senses. The colloquial use of this term refers to the ability to perceive something that isn’t there and to reach into another dimension other than the one we normally experience within our five sensory projection ability. Visions of oneself and other importance’s can be yielded in time abstracted from the future to positively help any given situation on amicable loving terms. 

Use Amethyst to evoke and awaken your third eye, an amethyst gateway that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness and see your dreams and inner most positive desires appear. The butterfly will appear in the wind as a token of expression from your new spirituality and ability.

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