Unique Stunning Amethyst Geodes

In Greece, the word “Geode” means “shape of the earth.” They can be round or egg-shaped, tall, short or many other different types of shapes and sizes, they range in size from less than a couple of centimetres to over three meters tall. 

Amethyst Geodes are hollow rocks that are lined on the inside with stunning amethyst crystals. They are formed when gas cavities occur in lava beneath the earth’s surface. The cavities become filled with liquid that contains silica or quartz and a small amount of iron. The iron is what gives amethyst its fascinating purple colour. Over thousands of years, the liquid forms 6-sided pyramids, which are known as crystals. 

Amazingly, really large amethyst geodes can take a million years to form, and no two geodes are alike! How incredible is it that you can own such a beautiful, unique piece of nature that took thousands of years to form and that is like nothing else on earth?

An Amethyst Geode Cathedral, also known as an Amethyst Geode Church, is an amethyst geode that has been cut in half and then shaped to create a flat base. The resulting shape looks like an arched cathedral. The inside remains untouched, while the outside is altered for aesthetics and functionality. With this shape of amethyst geode, you can enjoy the amethyst crystal clusters in all of their sparkling splendour. View our Amethyst Geode Collection Here.

Some amethyst geodes contain calcite formations within them, which provides not only aesthetic interest, but also additional healing benefits. It offers a cleansing energy that helps us with make new beginnings, and it amplified the healing power of the amethyst surrounding it. 

Look no further when you want to buy an amethyst geode. Our amethyst geodes are the best in the UK. Each one is one-of-a-kind, originated from Brazil.

All Geodes are dispatched from our warehouse in County Durham and are packaged carefully to allow them to reach your home safe and sound.  

Whether you’re looking for a small table-top geode or a huge tall statement piece amethyst geode you can display in your home, we’ve got a huge selection of stunning choices. 

We are proud of the quality of each and every one of our products and have had fabulous feedback on each and every sale. We have many repeat customers whom come back for more as they adore what they have purchased.

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